DEKER™ was developed and tested on x86_64 Linux and both x86_64 and Apple silicon macOS, and known to be running in production environments on x86_64 Linux servers.


Minimal Python version for DEKER™ is 3.9.


DEKER™ uses NumPy, and some NumPy types are unsupported on current NumPy arm64 version. So if you want to use DEKER™ library on Apple silicon (M series CPU), you have to install x86_64 version of Python using Rosetta x86_64 to arm64 dynamic binary translator.

You may use the following guide to install x86_64 version of Python an then switch to that version in your DEKER™ project using pyenv and install DEKER™ package as usual.


DEKER™ depends on the following third-party packages:

  • numpy >= 1.18

  • attrs >= 23.1.0

  • tqdm >= 4.64.1

  • psutil >= 5.9.5

  • h5py >= 3.8.0

  • hdf5plugin >= 4.0.1

Also please note that for flexibility few internal DEKER™ components are published as separate packages:

  • deker-local-adapters

  • deker-server-adapters

  • deker-tools

To install DEKER™ run:

pip install deker

Optional Packages

DEKER™ also supports output of its data as Xarray via the following package:

  • xarray >= 2023.5.0

To install it with xarray optional dependency:

pip install deker[xarray]

DEKER™ Tools

deker-tools is an out-of-box battery which provides several useful tools and utilities to work with DEKER™ data. You may find this package useful in your projects, even if they are not related to DEKER™.

To install DEKER™ tools package, run:

pip install deker-tools

Interactive Shell

deker-shell is an interactive environment that enables you to manage and access DEKER™ storage in a convenient way. It requires deker package to be installed manually before use as described above.

To install interactive shell package, run:

pip install deker deker-shell

Or you can install it alongside with DEKER™ by:

pip install deker[shell]

Server Adapters

It is an original OpenWeather plugin, based on httpx with HTTP 2.0 support, that allows your local client to communicate with remote OpenWeather public server instances of DEKER™.

If you don’t have DEKER™ yet, run

pip install deker[server-adapters]

If you have already installed DEKER™, you can simply install plugin to use it by:

pip install deker-server-adapters

Install All at Once

You can install all the above mentioned options at once by:

pip install deker[all]