exception deker.errors.DekerArrayError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If something goes wrong in Array.

exception deker.errors.DekerArrayTypeError

Bases: DekerArrayError

If final Array’s or VArray’s values type do not match the dtype, set in Collection schema.

exception deker.errors.DekerBaseApplicationError

Bases: Exception

Base attribute exception.

exception deker.errors.DekerClientError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError, RuntimeError

If something goes wrong in Client.

exception deker.errors.DekerCollectionAlreadyExistsError

Bases: DekerCollectionError

If collection with the same name already exists.

exception deker.errors.DekerCollectionError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If something goes wrong in Collection.

exception deker.errors.DekerCollectionNotExistsError

Bases: DekerCollectionError

If collection doesn’t exist.

exception deker.errors.DekerExceptionGroup(message, exceptions)

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If one or more threads finished with any exception.

Name, message and reasonable tracebacks of all of these exceptions shall be collected in a list and passed to this class along with some message.

``` futures = [executor.submit(func, arg) for arg in iterable]

exceptions = [] for future in futures:



except Exception as e:

exceptions.append(repr(e) + “

” + traceback.format_exc(-1))


  • message (str) –

  • exceptions (List[str]) –

exception deker.errors.DekerFilterError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If something goes wrong during filtering.

exception deker.errors.DekerInstanceNotExistsError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If instance was deleted, but user is trying to call methods on it.

exception deker.errors.DekerIntegrityError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If something goes wrong during integrity check.

exception deker.errors.DekerInvalidManagerCallError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If we try to call method that shouldn’t be called.

E.g., .varrays in Arrays Collection

exception deker.errors.DekerInvalidSchemaError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If schema is invalid.

exception deker.errors.DekerLockError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If a Collection or a Array or VArray instance is locked.

exception deker.errors.DekerMemoryError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError, MemoryError

Early memory overflow exception.

exception deker.errors.DekerMetaDataError

Bases: DekerInvalidSchemaError

If metadata is invalid/corrupted.

exception deker.errors.DekerSubsetError

Bases: DekerArrayError

If something goes wrong while Subset managing.

exception deker.errors.DekerVSubsetError(message, exceptions)

Bases: DekerSubsetError, DekerExceptionGroup

If something goes wrong while VSubset managing.

Regarding that VSubset’s inner Subsets’ processing is made in an Executor, this exception actually is an exceptions messages group.

  • message (str) –

  • exceptions (List[str]) –

exception deker.errors.DekerValidationError

Bases: DekerBaseApplicationError

If something goes wrong during validation.